B1ad3: "We want to give npl roles that he's comfortable in"

NAVI coach Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy spoke in more detail about how he is going to use the sixth player in Andrii "npl" Kukharskyi at BLAST Premier World Final 2022. In an interview with HLTV.org, he assured that the newcomer to the roster will get the roles he plays best to understand his potential ahead of the new season.

In order to test npl's capabilities, the coach expressed his willingness to sacrifice the usual positions of some of the key players in the team.

We did it before, so we have a more vivid picture of how to do it because of this experience. There were no difficulties, we were just trying to understand what map to do it on because the issue with npl is that we want to give him roles that he's comfortable in. The roles that he was practicing in NAVI Junior.

We even sacrificed our strong players from the main squad to give npl positions. You'll see this on some maps, it's just for npl to be able to show what he's capable of and so he won't have obstacles or circumstances that will drag him down. We just want him to be in his comfort zone.

If we had more time I would even give him different roles. On some maps I would make him lurk, without mattering if he played it or not, just to watch how he reacts. On some maps he would play in the core, if we had more time. But for now, for the end of the year, we want to know how much potential he has, that's why we're putting him in his comfort zone on maps that he was playing before.

As it was revealed earlier, Kukharskyi will be replacing Viktor "sdy" Orudzhev on NAVI's starting five. There is, however, no information at the moment about what maps the newcomer will get the opportunity to prove himself on.

In the BLAST Premier World Final 2022 group stage, NAVI's opponents will be Vitality, Heroic and OG. You can follow up on the tournament on our website via this link.

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