Report: FURIA analyst to leave team for head coach career

Analyst of the Brazilian FURIA team Marcos "tacitus" Castilho has decided not to extend his contract with the club in order to continue his career as head coach, Dust2 Brasil reports, citing its own sources.

According to the information published, tacitus' current contract with FURIA expires in December. The decision to part ways was made by mutual agreement, given the specialist's desire to get a promotion.

There is no information at the moment about whether Castilho has options to continue his career as a coach. Previously, he had experience working with North American squads.

tacitus joined FURIA's coaching staff in June 2021. The biggest achievements of the team during this time were victories at the Americas RMR tournament, as well as gaining "Legend" status at the last three Majors with reaching the semifinals at the most recent one, IEM Rio Major 2022.