IESF World Championship 2022 team list finalized

The International Esports Federation (IESF) has unveiled the full team list for IESF World Championship 2022. In total, representatives of eight countries will take part in the competition.

Following the results of the regional qualifiers, the tickets to IESF World Championship 2022 were booked by the teams of Indonesia, Argentina, Vietnam, Algeria and North Macedonia. Three other participants were determined among many squads from other countries as part of the LAN qualifier which saw the German, Mongolian and Russian teams become finalists.

It is worth noting that the Russian players will compete under a neutral name and flag. The composition will use the IESF tag.

The team list for IESF World Championship 2022 looks as follows:

 Team Indonesia
 Team Argentina
 Team Vietnam
 Team Algeria
 Team North Macedonia (BLUEJAYS roster)
 Team Germany (BIG Academy roster)
 Team Mongolia (IHC roster)
 IESF (QUAZAR roster)

The upcoming World Championship under the auspices of IESF will be held on December 6-12 in Bali, Indonesia. Eight participants will battle out $100,000 in prize money, of which half will go to the champions.