HLTV.org: Cloud9 are considering not only Forester and SANJI as interz's replacement but also buster

HLTV.org has confirmed the information previously reported by insider Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov about Cloud9 looking for a replacement for Timofey "interz" Yakushin. The source is aware of at least three players who are on trial in the team.

As OverDrive reported yesterday, Cloud9 are trialing Igor "⁠Forester⁠" Bezotecheskiy and Sanjar "SANJI" Kuliev. Besides the two, Timur "buster" Tulepov is also among the candidates, HLTV.org's journalists have learned.

buster has been without a team since May this year, when he was removed from Virtus.pro's main roster. It is known that the 22-year-old Kazakhstani still has a valid contract with the CIS organization, which complicates the potential continuation of a career with another club.

As of now, none of the aforementioned parties has officially commented on the information published.

Origin: www.hltv.org