Jame names main qualities of a successful IGL

Outsiders' in-game leader Dzhami "Jame" Ali spoke about the qualities needed for every in-game leader to succeed. He published a video with tips on his YouTube channel.

Ali believes that all the qualities necessary for a good captain fall into four main categories: moral qualities, leadership, understanding of macro gameplay and understanding of micro gameplay. In each of the categories, he highlighted the key aspects that team leaders need to pay attention to.

  • Moral qualities: resistance to stress in important matches, the ability to play under pressure, not to give up regardless of how strong the opponent is.
  • Leadership: psychological support for teammates, positive attitude, constant desire to win, no toxic behavior that can be transferred to the team.
  • Understanding of macro gameplay: the ability to single-handedly build a game and do without the help of a coach or analyst during a match, knowing all the roles in the game in order to replace a teammate under certain circumstances, studying opponents and adopting the best ideas of other teams.
  • Understanding of micro gameplay: continuous improvement of your own mechanical skills, movement and use of grenades, no mistakes in simple situations.

Jame has been competing at a professional level since 2017. During this time, he won several big tournaments, with his biggest achievement being the victory at IEM Rio Major 2022 with Outsiders. It is worth noting that the Russian finished the recent Major as the most valuable player of the event.

Origin: youtu.be