15-year-old Team Spirit Academy player receives invite to FPL

Team Spirit Academy member Danil "donk" Kryshkovets has qualified for FACEIT Pro League, FACEIT's elite hub, where the world's best esports athletes and the most talented young players compete. The competitive platform announced via its official Twitter account that the 15-year-old Russian received a direct invite.

FACEIT's press release notes that donk is one of the most promising riflers in the CIS scene. Over the past six months, he averaged a 1.15 rating on FACEIT, with his headshot percentage being 59.5% and average damage per round of 79.3.

donk has been with Team Spirit Academy since August 2021. During this time, he helped the team twice reach the grand final of the WePlay Academy League, as well as win several regional tournaments.

FPL is a closed ladder for professional players on the FACEIT platform, which people can get into after being invited by admins like donk or through the qualifying division FPL-C. The league boasts a monthly prize pool of $14,000.

Origin: twitter.com