device on AWP nerf: "It requires some practice"

Speaking with a Dot Esports journalist, Astralis player Nicolai "device" Reedtz shared his opinion about the major CS:GO update, following which, among other things, the AWP magazine size was reduced from ten bullets to five. The AWPer believes that it will take some time to adapt to the changes.

In the beginning, I didn’t think it would have a big impact, but I do actually think it requires some practice to master the rotations with reloading and not giving away too much info on that or losing time rotating with the AWP out. But it’s gonna be exciting to see how the other snipers deal with the update.

Besides the AWP being nerfed, the November 19 update also saw CS:GO developers replacing Dust2 with Anubis in the competitive map pool and deteriorating the M4A1-S' characteristics.

The first tier-1 tournament to be played with the updated M4A1-S, AWP and with Anubis as well will be BLAST Premier World Final 2022The event boasting a prize pool of $1 million will take place on November 14-18 in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE.