degster names reasons for OG's failure at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022

OG's Abdul "degster" Gasanov believes that communication issues within the team were one of the main reasons for the team's failure at the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022. The Russian AWPer spoke about this in a video on his YouTube channel.

There were a lot of situations that could predetermine the round outcome maps outcome. Sometimes it's hard to control all of it because you don't speak your native language at one point. That is the thing you should be ready for when you start playing in the international team. One of the reasons that we lose some of the rounds was I guess, because English is not the native language for anybody of us. And there was the situations when we just can't get all the agreements.

degster added that during the concluded tournament, the OG roster also experienced problems with in-game discipline when having a man advantage.

Some discipline moments we should discuss. For me personally, I see that we should work on clutches like 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 that I can work with based on my experience. But for it we should spend more time in communications in English. You can agree that when I make a call and the gaming tempo is low. It's different from high tempo like you have to say fast to the teammate what he need to take. For another what he need to make and what I'm gonna make. And when you're not speaking your native languge it's hard to make it fast like I'm talking right now.

OG finished BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022 in last place. The team was eliminated from the tournament following consecutive losses to FaZe and NIP.