nafany on Anubis: "It's a shame they didn't add Cache"

Cloud9's IGL Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov shared in a live stream on his YouTube channel his opinion on the recent CS:GO update, which saw the Anubis map being added to Active Duty. The Russian regrets that the developers did not return Cache to the competitive map pool.

I played Anubis before its addition. I thought it was a cool map. Now I've played Anubis in matchmaking a couple of times, got matched up against cheaters, so now it seems to me that it is not that good of a map after all. Perhaps this is a common opinion, but it's a shame they didn't add Cache. I would be very happy. It's one of the best maps, very balanced. You can do just fine there having good mechanical skills. If you know how to press buttons, you'll be good there.

Anubis was added to the competitive map pool after a major November 19 CS:GO update. On top of that, the developers also reduced the AWP's magazine size and nerfed the M4A1-S.