Pimp: "NAVI right now is under more pressure than I've seen in a very long time"

Analyst Jacob "Pimp" Winneche shared his opinion on NAVI's current form in a live broadcast of the English-language studio covering BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022. He believes that a series of unsuccessful tournaments and a significant drop in the level of play compared to last year have increased the pressure on Denis "electroNic" Sharipov and company.

What we've seen from NAVI so far in this tournament is that they are struggling a little bit. This feels like the Major form they had, that grappling and overcoming. We heard sdy talking about it yesterday as well. They've barely been able to practice since the Major. <...> I'm curious if NAVI were to lose right here in a fashion that is not acceptable for B1ad3, is there a way that they're perhaps pulling nipl in this tournament? He's around, he's waiting, he's here. All I'm saying is NAVI right now is under more pressure than I've seen in a very long time. We're talking about the team that at the end of 2021 was playing some of the most stellar CS ever. In 2022, it hasn't been up to par. Right now NAVI is under a lot of pressure.

NAVI lost to Liquid in the first-place decider in Group B at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022 and will start the playoffs from the quarterfinals. The team's opponents will be NIP, the game against whom is scheduled for today, November 25, at 21:00 MSK.

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