Skin collector lists most valuable AK-47 for sale at record price

A Danish skin collector, known in the CS:GO community as Luksusbums, is ready to sell the most valuable AK-47, according to his Twitter account.

Luksusbums estimates his AK-47 (StatTrak™) Case Hardened at a minimum of $400,000. If the deal goes through, which industry experts say is realistic given the interest of Chinese collectors, this amount will be the highest for a single skin in the history of cosmetic item sales.

The high price for this skin is due to the rare pattern number 661, which is the most valuable because of its predominantly blue hue. At the same time, the wear condition, which is one of the most important indicators of value, is the best for this pattern. Four Titan Holo stickers significantly contribute to the price being so high – the value of each is around $60,000.

You can inspect the presented AK-47 in the game via this link.