Issues with shooting and throwing grenades due to texture bug found on Anubis

After a major November 19 CS:GO update, texture bugs were found on the Anubis map added to the competitive map pool, which causes problems with shooting and throwing grenades. The observation was reported by Reddit users, as well as Apeks Rebels coach Torbjørn "mithR" Nyborg.

The issues in the examples published are most often seen near the B bombsite, where when throwing nades they bounce off invisible textures next to the main entrance pillars. The same bug prevents bullets from coming through normally, which reduces damage dealt to the enemy.

In the latest CS:GO update, the developers made changes to the competitive map pool, where Anubis replaced Dust2. The new patch also saw the M4A1-S being nerfed and the AWP magazine size being reduced from ten to five bullets.