m0NESY: "I haven't completely moved to Europe and don't intend to for the time being"

G2 player Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov stated that he was not going to move from Russia to Europe for permanent residence in a video for the caster German "Gromjkeee" Gromov’s Telegram channel. According to the AWPer, now he spends his free time from tournaments either in G2's Berlin office or at home.

I haven't moved to Europe completely and don't intend to for the time being. I'm at home for some time, at other times I'm in Berlin at G2's office playing praccs from there. I'm there because we have a short break between tournaments, so it makes no sense to go home for a few days. If it's a long period, two or three weeks, then, of course, I would go home.

In the summer of this year, speaking with a CSGO.com journalist, Osipov called the rumors about a possible change of citizenship a lie. The Russian assured that the only document he can get in Europe is a residence permit.

m0NESY's next matches will take place at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022, where he, along with G2, will start the competition on November 23. The European squad's rivals in the fight for $425,000 will be OG, NAVI, Liquid, FaZe, NIP, Fluxo, and Heroic.

Origin: t.me