dastan after winning Major: "I must remain strict with the players"

Outsiders coach Dastan "dastan" Akbayev assured that he would not lower the requirements for the team after winning IEM Rio Major 2022. The skipper said it at a press conference for the media, excerpts from which were cited by Dust2.com.br.

Our prospects depend on how we feel about this victory. Thanks to the success at the Major, we have more opportunities. We no longer have to play qualifiers, we are going to BLAST Premier World Final 2022 and hopefully IEM Katowice 2023 and IEM Cologne 2023. Now there will be time to rest, but in the future we have to work. As a coach, I must remain strict with the players. Only then can they keep being themselves. We need to use this victory in a positive way to gain confidence in tomorrow.

In the grand final of IEM Rio Major 2022, Outsiders defeated Heroic 2:0. The success brought the team $500,000 from the tournament's total prize pool.

Outsiders' next competition will be BLAST Premier World Final 2022 mentioned by Akbayev. Yesterday, November 13, it was announced that the team received an invite to the prestigious LAN event, which will be held on December 14-18 in the UAE.

Origin: www.dust2.com.br