"My boys are ready". FURIA co-owner estimates the chances of winning IEM Rio Major 2022

FURIA co-owner Andre Akkari, who serves as the team's coach at IEM Rio Major 2022, commented on the performance of the Brazilians at the home tournament in an interview with Dust2.com.br. After getting the better of NAVI in the quarterfinals, the head noted that his squad did not intend to stop and was focused on the victory.

My boys are ready. When I listen to the discussions within the team, I understand that they are mentally prepared to take the trophy. They are ready to win both the semifinals and the final. In the match against NAVI, all our players perfectly understood that they could take fights with strong opponents on equal terms. We really respect NAVI and we know the strength of this team. Everyone understands the impact that s1mple can have on the outcome of the match, but our players were confident that they could play on equal terms and win.

FURIA defeated NAVI 2:1 and advanced to the semifinals, where they will face off against Heroic. The encounter is set to kick off today, November 12, at 23:30 MSK.

Origin: www.dust2.com.br