HObbit: "Nowadays, CS:GO is all about CT meta just because of M4 silencer"

Cloud9's Abay "HObbit" Khasenov believes that in today's CS:GO pro scene, the defense side is significantly superior to the attacking side. In an interview with the organizers of IEM Rio Major 2022, the Kazakhstani esports athlete said that it is the M4A1-S that causes such imbalance.

Khasenov drew attention to the fact that in a LAN environment, the main defense weapon, which is almost silent, becomes even more powerful since the sounds of the stands do not allow you to hear where you are being shot from.

Nowadays, CS:GO is all about CT meta just because of M4 silencer. It's overpowered, especially on tournaments. You are playing online tournaments, you can even hear from where the guy is shooting you. Here, zero chance. Someone is shooting me? Okay, I'm gonna die. You are not giving info because you do not understand from where. A lot of noise, crowd.

HObbit shared his opinion on the current CS:GO meta ahead of the IEM Rio Major 2022 quarterfinal against MOUZ. The encounter is scheduled for today, November 10, at 23:30 MSK.

Origin: youtu.be