chopper: "We worked hard and deservedly made it to the IEM Rio Major 2022 playoffs"

Speaking with a journalist, Team Spirit's in-game leader Leonid "chopper" Vishnyakov shared his opinion on his team making the playoffs of IEM Rio Major 2022. He believes that this result is deserved and comes from the squad's hard work.

We worked hard and deservedly made it to the playoffs. <...> Now all the opponents are preparing for us. It's not what it was at the previous Major when a few did. We just need more tournaments, good results, and everything will be cool.

The CIS squad booked its ticket to the playoffs of the ongoing Major after coming out on top of Liquid. chopper shed some light on how the preparation for this match went.

We had enough time to prepare for Liquid. We also played a lot of praccs with them. We played ten or even more matches in two weeks. We understood how they play, as well as Liquid knew everything about us. We understood that the opponent would pick Mirage, just like they understood that we were going to choose Vertigo.

chopper is not surprised that the Brazilian fans didn't support Team Spirit throughout the Legends Stage. He believes that the team needs to have more good results in order to win over the crowd.

In order for the crowd to cheer for you, you need to earn their respect and show the result. It's clear why everyone cheers against us. Other teams have a larger fan base. It's not a big deal for us. It was only at the end of the match with Liquid, when the scoreline on Ancient was 13:13, that I for the first time noticed the fact that the crowd did not fade. You feel that the heat is great, which caused fast rounds from them and from us. To be honest, it was unusual. Even in Antwerp, there was no such cheering, even though there were more people. Overall, it makes no difference to us, because it affects the opponents just as much.

In the quarterfinals of IEM Rio Major 2022, Team Spirit will face Heroic, the match against whom will take place on Friday, November 11. The winners of the confrontation will play in the semifinals against the victor of the NAVI – FURIA matchup.