Qikert: The current Outsiders roster reminds me of AVANGAR 2019

Outsiders' Alexey "Qikert" Golubev believes that the current lineup of his team is in many ways similar to the AVANGAR roster, which was successful at the end of 2019 and, in particular, reached the StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 grand final. The Kazakhstani esports athlete told this in an interview with Pley.gg, where he also answered a number of other questions.

It reminds me something in terms of chemistry during the games. When we were playing in AVANGAR during the Berlin Major, it was kinda special in terms of chemistry inside the team. Everyone was so hyped, everyone was so motivated and everyone wanted to win and believed in each other. On this tournament, it repeats.

As the interview continued, Golubev shared his opinion on the current meta in the CS:GO pro scene.

It's freaking outpowered, M4A1-S. It's really hard nowadays in the professional CS to play some CT-sided maps like Overpass, Nuke, and Ancient because CT has a huge advantage.

Qikert also said that, together with teammates, he was already used to performing under the name Outsiders, which his roster took in the spring of this year after the Virtus.pro club was prohibited from taking part in all big tournaments.

I think we already got used to play in Outsiders logo and I think it's kinda sad for us, but we have to deal with it, we have to accept it. It doesn't make a lot of problems, so we are just playing CS.

The interview with Qikert took place after Outsiders secured their ticket to the IEM Rio Major 2022 playoffs. The team made it to the decisive stage of the tournament after victories over NIP, Team Spirit and MOUZ.

Origin: youtu.be