Rumors: Sadokist removed from IEM Rio Major 2022 after drunken altercation in hotel

ESL has suspended well-known caster Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett from work in the English-speaking studio covering IEM Rio Major 2022. The information was reported by, after which ESL confirmed the removal of the caster from the talent lineup.

According to ESL's press release, Trivett was removed from the event following an unspecified incident, while Anders "Anders" Blume replaced the commentator to now pair up with Jason "moses" O'Toole. The tournament organizers did not provide any further information.

Journalists learned that the reason for the caster's removal was his behavior after hours. It was reported that the Canadian, in a state of intoxication, was involved in an altercation that took place in the hotel where the players stay, requiring emergency services to be called.

Sadokist has been working at tier-1 tournaments since 2015 and is one of the most famous English-speaking casters. Among other things, he worked at 11 Majors, including IEM Rio Major 2022 during the Legends Stage.