sh1ro: "I see that Cloud9 have certain problems at the Major"

In an interview with the organizers of IEM Rio Major 2022, Cloud9's Dmitry "sh1ro" Sokolov admitted that his team has problems that prevent it from performing at full strength. At the same time, the Russian AWPer noted that due to personal confidence, his individual game is at a very high level.

I see that we have certain problems at the Major. Somehow I have very strong confidence at this tournament. I just do what I know, and that's why at this stage I have such consistency. I don't know how it will be next if we make it to the Legends. Anyway, I improve every tournament and draw certain conclusions. Now, at this stage, it's hard for us as a team, but this can be fixed.

sh1ro spoke to the English-speaking analytics studio after defeating Evil Geniuses in the fourth round of the Challengers Stage. According to the player, it was a tough match for his team.

Everything is great. I'm glad that we won, even though it was a difficult series. It was this one, although the last matches were also difficult. I thought that we could give up a comeback and lose Overpass. I feel good on Dust2, but as a team, we play this map not as consistently as we could. So we were a bit nervous, but as the game progressed, it became clear that we could easily beat them. And so this happened.

Cloud9's next opponent in the Challengers Stage of the ongoing Major will be GamerLegion, the match against whom will take place today, November 3, at 20:30 MSK. The winner of the confrontation will advance to the Legends Stage, while the losing team will be eliminated from the tournament.