FURIA and BIG secure second victories at IEM Rio Major 2022

The second pair of matches in the third round of the IEM Rio Major 2022 Challengers Stage ended with FURIA and BIG being victorious. Brazilian roster bested OG (19:16 on Overpass), while the German team came out on top of Grayhound (16:6 on Dust2).

FURIA and BIG move on to the 2-1 pool, which means a victory in the next round ensures a ticket to the Legends Stage. In turn, OG and Grayhound will continue the competition in the 1-2 pool, where they are to play elimination matches.

Today's matchday at the Major will continue with best-of-threes. MOUZ will face fnatic for a Legends Stage spot, while 00NATION is set to go up against IHC to determine the first team to be eliminated from the tournament.

The Challengers Stage's current results are:

The full schedule, up-to-date results and live broadcast of IEM Rio Major 2022 can be found on the tournament page on our website via this link.