IEM Rio Major 2022 sets new peak viewership record for Challengers Stage on Majors

A peak viewer count record has been set during the opening matchday of IEM Rio Major 2022. According to Esports Charts' report, which did not account for data from Chinese streaming platforms, the first matches of the Challengers Stage attracted 745,304 concurrent viewers.

The analysts did not specify which game aroused the greatest interest of the audience. The Esports Charts publication notes that broadcasts in English and Portuguese, viewed by 308K people at its peak, made up the biggest part of the record figure. At the same time, the matchday's average viewer count amounted to 454,999.

The previous record for the Challengers Stage was set six months ago at PGL Major Antwerp 2022. Then, the opening day of the Valve-sponsored event peaked at 707,000 viewers.

The first day of action at IEM Rio Major 2022 saw two rounds of the Challengers Stage playing out, which included sixteen best-of-one matches. The Major will continue today, October 1, with round 3 games of the Challengers Stage.