IEM Rio Major 2022 viewer's guide

IEM Rio Major 2022 boasting a prize pool of $1.25 million will take place from October 31 to November 13 in Brazil. Traditionally, the Valve-sponsored event is divided into the Challengers Stage, Legends Stage and Champions Stage, with each of which set to be held in front of a live audience for the first time in the history of Majors.

The Challengers Stage (October 31-November 3) and the Legends Stage (November 5-8) will feature the Swiss system, where 16 teams compete in one group for a place in the top 8. The format of the competition implies best-of-one matches, except for promotion and elimination games that will be played as best-of-three. The teams to secure three victories in five rounds will advance to the next stage.

The Challengers Stage will see the following teams in action:

 OG (flameZ, nexa, NEOFRAG, F1KU, degster)
 Vitality (apEX, dupreeh, Magisk, ZywOo, Spinx)
 Evil Geniuses (Brehze, CeRq, HexT, neaLaN, autimatic)
 Cloud9 (HObbit, interz, Ax1Le, sh1ro, nafany)
 BIG (tabseN, syrsoN, Krimbo, k1to, s1n)
 Bad News Eagles (SENER1, gxx-, juanflatroo, sinnopsyy, rigoN)
 MOUZ (dexter, frozen, torzsi, JDC, xertioN)
 9z (dgt, max, dav1d, nqz, buda)
 GamerLegion (iM, isak, acoR, siuhy, Keoz)
 Outsiders (FL1T, Qikert, Jame, n0rb3r7, fame)
 00NATION (coldzera, try, TACO, latto, dumau)
 FURIA (arT, yuurih, KSCERATO, drop, saffee)
 fnatic (KRIMZ, mezii, nicoodoz, roeJ, FASHR)
 IHC (bLitz, Techno4K, kabal, sk0R, Annihilation)
 Imperial (FalleN, fer, boltz, VINI, chelo)
 Grayhound (Sico, INS, aliStair, Liazz, Hatz)

The Challengers Stage's Round 1 matchups

The Legends Stage invitees are:

 NAVI (s1mple, electroNic, Perfecto, b1t, sdy)
 FaZe (karrigan, rain, Twistzz, ropz, broky)
 NIP (es3tag, REZ, Brollan, hampus, Aleksib)
 ENCE (Snappi, Maden, dycha, SunPayus, valde)
 Sprout (slaxz-, Staehr, lauNX, Zyphon, refrezh)
 Team Spirit (chopper, magixx, Patsi, s1ren, w0nderful)
 Liquid (nitr0, NAF, EliGE, oSee, YEKINDAR)
 Heroic (cadiaN, stavn, TeSeS, sjuush, jabbi)

Eight winners of the Legends stage will fight for the title in the Single Elimination best-of-three bracket. The playoffs are scheduled for November 10-13.

The prize pool distribution looks as follows:

1. $500,000
2. $170,000
3-4. $80,000
5-8. $45,000
9-16. $20,000
17-24. $10,000

The full schedule, up-to-date results and live broadcast of IEM Rio Major 2022 can be found on the tournament page on our website via this link.