Team list for women's league ESL Impact League Season 2 Finals finalized

Following the results of the regional qualifiers, all teams participating in the LAN finals of the second season of the women's ESL Impact League were determined. Showing up at the tournament will be Nigma Galaxy, NOFEAR5, CLG Red, Evil Geniuses Gold, FURIA fe, B4 fe, ATK fe and HSG fe.

Nigma Galaxy and NOFEAR5 made it to the LAN finals after being successful in the European division, CLG Red and Evil Geniuses Gold won the North American part of the qualifier, while FURIA fe and B4 fe achieved success in South America. In turn, ATK fe and HSG fe received tickets to the final stage of the big women's league from South Africa and Asia, respectively.

ESL Impact Season 2 Finals will take place on November 25-27 in Jönköping, Sweden. Eight teams will battle out $123,000 in prize money.

The team list for ESL Impact League Season 2 Finals looks as follows:

 Nigma Galaxy
 CLG Red
 Evil Geniuses Gold
 B4 fe
 ATK fe
 HSG fe