Report: Movistar Riders to replace DeathZz with sausol

Movistar Riders are set to remove Raúl "⁠DeathZz⁠" Jordán Nieto from the main roster and sign Partizan's Pere "⁠sausol⁠" Solsona Saumell to fill his spot, according to a report by Fraglider, the information from which was later confirmed by's sources.

A few days ago, Partizan president and co-founder Jovan Mijailovic tweeted that his club would sell the player to a team featured among the world ranking's top 30. This indirectly confirms the information on sausol⁠'s move to Movistar Riders, who currently sit in 23rd place in the ranking.

The Spanish organization is intended to change its roster amid a series of poor results that the team has had shortly after the sale of star AWPer Alvaro "SunPayus" Garcia to ENCE. In particular, Movistar Riders failed to qualify for the European RMR tournament, where spots at IEM Rio Major 2022 were up for grabs, and finished in last place at ESL Pro League Season 16.

If the above information is confirmed, the revamped Movistar Riders roster will look as follows:

 Alejandro "⁠mopoz⁠" Fernández-Quejo Cano
 Alejandro "⁠alex⁠" Masanet
 David "⁠dav1g⁠" Granado Bermudo
 Antonio "⁠Martinez⁠" Martinez
 Pere "⁠sausol⁠" Solsona Saumell