s1mple extends contract with NAVI for three years

Ukrainian star player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev has extended his contract with NAVI for three years, as reported on Natus Vincere's official website.

s1mple has been a part of NAVI since the middle of 2016 and during this time helped the team win many big events, the most notable of which is PGL Major Stockholm 2021. He and his teammates also won the prestigious Intel Grand Slam Season 3 award.

Kostyliev is the current holder of the best player in the world title, which he earned at the end of 2021 from HLTV.org. The Ukrainian received the same award for his successful individual game in 2018.

Besides all the aforementioned achievements, s1mple holds CS:GO pro scene's record for the number of titles of any tournament's most valuable player. In total, he won the MVP medal 21 times.

s1mple extended his contract with NAVI shortly before the start of IEM Rio Major 2022. The Valve-sponsored competition will take place in Brazil from October 31 to November 13.

Origin: navi.gg