K23 put FinigaN and xsepower on the transfer list

K23 have put the team's in-game leader Vladislav "FinigaN" Usov and AWPer Bogdan "xsepower" Chernikov on the transfer list, according to the Kazakhstani club's press release published on social media.

FinigaN has represented K23 since August of this year and during this time has not helped the team achieve any significant results. In turn, xsepower joined the squad in October 2021, after which K23 attended mainly tier 2 tournaments, while at Funspark ULTI 2021, the only big event the team showed up at, they finished in 5-6th place.

The changes in the K23 roster followed shortly after the end of the European RMR tournament, which they finished on a 2:3 record and therefore could not qualify for IEM Rio Major 2022. At the qualifying competition, the CIS squad got the better of HEET and Monte but lost to Falcons, MOUZ and BIG.

K23's nearest tournament will be ESL Challenger League Season 43 Europe kicking off on October 25. As of now, there is no information about what lineup the team will field for the event.

 K23's current lineup:

 Daniil "⁠X5G7V⁠" Maryshev
 Konstantin "⁠Raijin⁠" Trubarov
 Timur "⁠clax⁠" Sabirov

 Aset "⁠Solaar⁠" Sembiyev (coach)

 Bogdan "⁠xsepower⁠" Chernikov (transfer-listed)
 Vladislav "FinigaN" Usov (transfer-listed)

Origin: twitter.com