Patsi: "I'd like to add my team's name to the history of CS"

Team Spirit's Robert "Patsi" Isyanov gave an interview for the club's YouTube channel, in which he spoke about his development as a professional esports athlete. Besides talking about the past, the Russian shared his plans and, in particular, expressed his desire to go down in the history of CS:GO with his team.

The most memorable moment in Spirit is probably our last Major. I think that's obvious, but it's still the most memorable thing in my CS career. I don't wanna forget those feelings I had there on stage, and I definitely wanna experience them again.

My career plans for the next year are to keep developing, confirm the status of a tier 1 team, and progress to a consistent tier 1 player. If it's about CS, I'd like to add my team's name to the history of CS and somehow be remembered in it. If it's not about CS, I'd love to start traveling again, and I'll try to do everything for that.

The Russian-language video include English subtitles.