Complexity General Manager after EPL S16: "We can compete against the world’s best"

Graham Pitt, General Manager of Complexity's CS:GO division, commented on the team's successful performance at ESL Pro League Season 16 in an interview with He believes that during the tournament, the North Americans realized that they could compete with the best teams in the world on equal terms.

I think the biggest thing we learned, or rather confirmed, is that we can compete against the world’s best. We always thought we had the ability to, but clearly just couldn’t get things to click. I think that became kind of a mental block towards the end. Grim’s interview at the end of our Cologne run kind of highlighted our mental state a bit where he touched on the point that the pressure almost went towards the other teams not to lose to us rather than the pressure being on us to win.

Pitt added that Complexity's progress compared to the first half of the year is backed up not only by the result in the ESL Pro League but also by feedback from opponents.

I still read a bunch of comments suggesting that we got lucky and that other teams are just failing against us, which I think massively undervalues how well we’ve been playing. From my conversations with some of the players and coaches on the teams we’ve faced or just observing teams, they’ve genuinely been full of praise on how much we’ve improved and how solid we look. I guess we will just have to take our performance from EPL as only the beginning, and then we’ll truly silence them.

In the concluded EPL season, Complexity finished in 9-12th place. During the group stage, the squad beat Astralis, HEET and ENCE and lost yet gave FaZe a run for their money in the Round of 12.