Vitality enter ranking's top 3 after winning ESL Pro League Season 16's ranking of the best teams in the world saw another update. The most significant change was Vitality's rise to the top 3, which happened after the victory of Dan "apEX" Madesclaire's squad at ESL Pro League Season 16, which ended yesterday, October 2.

FaZe and NAVI, the distance between whom is 230 points, remain the leaders of the ranking. At the same time, the gap between Vitality and the Black and Yellow is now only 22 points.

Following the top three teams in the world are Liquid, G2 and Cloud9, who found themselves in the top 4 of ESL Pro League's sixteenth season. The North American team is down one spot from last week, while G2 and Cloud9 are up one and two spots, respectively.

The results of ESL Pro League Season 16 had a significant impact on the rest of the ranking as well. Among other things, worth noting the progress of Heroic, Complexity, fnatic and Outsiders, all of whom made the playoffs of the aforementioned event.

Outside the top 20, Evil Geniuses, HEET, forZe, Entropiq and Wings Up slightly improved their position, while Endpoint returned to the top 30 that now does not feature Sprout.

The's ranking is updated weekly and primarily takes into account the results for the last two months. The team's achievements over the past year are also considered, while the number of points for past success decreases every month.