JT after Complexity's elimination from EPL S16: "We are very optimistic right now"

Complexity's in-game leader Johnny "JT" Theodosiou positively assessed his team's game at ESL Pro League Season 16. After losing to FaZe in the Round of 12, the South African and his teammates hope to keep it up at the Americas RMR tournament.

I don’t think we ever will be satisfied until we are a Top 5 or Top 1 team. So I don’t want to say that we are satisfied but we are very optimistic right now. We are beating a lot of good teams, we came really close against the #1 team in the world FaZe. We’re looking forward to the Major to see how well we can do there if we qualify obviously. For the RMR, we just want to qualify. As long as we qualify and get our stickers, we’re happy and from there take that little break and prepare for the Major and see what happens there. I wouldn’t say we have any expectations – the only one is to make the stickers.

In the ESL Pro League Season 16 group stage Complexity bested Astralis, HEET and ENCE. The North American roster finished in 9-12th place, for which received $27,000 from the total prize pool.

The Americas RMR featuring Complexity will take place on October 5-9 in Sweden. Sixteen participants will fight for eight tickets to the IEM Rio Major 2022.

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