Rumors: Astralis intend to part ways with k0nfig due to player's involvement in fight during EPL S16 [Updated]

Update (14:00 MSK): k0nfig took to Twitter to say that the rumors about being removed from the team are mostly "BS". Before publication, he asked journalists to show respect for his personal life and not share insider information, but the media editors refused to listen to the player's request.

Astralis intend to remove Kristian "k0nfig" Wieneke from the team, reports. According to the source, the club decided to part with the player after the Dane was involved in a fight during ESL Pro League Season 16.

Journalists learned that two weeks ago Wienecke was involved in a quarrel that turned into a fight. Notably, shortly after, Astralis announced that the player would miss the RMR event due to a complicated ankle fracture. It is unknown though if the player's injury had something to do with the fight.

k0nfig has been playing for Astralis since last fall, when he joined the team from Complexity. Since then, the best achievement of the Danish squad was a 3-4th place finish at BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021.

The information about Astralis' willingness to part with Wienecke came a few weeks after rumors about the club's negotiations with NIP on the transfer of Nicolai "device" Reedtz. Then it was reported that the Danish organization had already made an offer to buy the AWPer and that the player himself wants to return to Astralis, where he achieved the biggest successes in his career.