ESL bans Europe RMR participants from making additional replacements

Participants of the European RMR tournament will not be able to make additional replacements ahead of the competition, ESL has announced on its official website.

The organizers recalled that according to the rules it is allowed to replace only one member of the squad, whose spot can be taken by a previously submitted replacement. Otherwise, the team will lose its slot in the tournament.

ESL's press release clarifies that the first candidates to replace any team are Illuminar and Forward. At the final open qualifier, these teams were stopped a step away from advancing to the event. The organizers will also contact BLUEJAYS, Sashi, Finest, Anonymo, 9 Pandas, TAG, xDDDD and P2Nk, who can take a spot among the participants of the RMR if more replacements are needed.

The information about the replacement rules comes amid numerous reports about esports athletes' problems with obtaining a visa for traveling to Malta, where the RMR event will take place. In particular, Benched Heroes player Eugene "Aunkere" Karyat will surely miss the tournament, while his teammate Buğra "Calyx" Arkın has the last chance to get the necessary documentation.

Besides Benched Heroes, visa issues also affected Aurora, K23 and 1WIN. The core of these teams are citizens of Russia, for whom, since the beginning of September, the European Union has complicated the rules for entering the Schengen countries.