Aunkere to miss Europe RMR

Benched Heroes player Eugene "Aunkere" Karyat will not be able to show up at the upcoming European RMR event, the Russian esports athlete wrote on his Telegram channel.

Karyat was unable to obtain a visa to visit Malta, where the qualifiers for IEM Rio Major 2022 will take place. A few days ago, the player reported visa issues, but then, according to him, there was one last chance to get the documentation needed.

Besides Aunkere, Buğra "Calyx" Arkın, who currently does not have a visa, also risks missing the RMR. According to Benched Heroes' AWPer Owen "smooya" Butterfield, tomorrow, September 27, the Turk will make one last attempt to obtain a visa.

smooya added in his message that his team is currently in contact with the organizers of the tournament regarding possible substitutions. The Briton complained that Valve does not respond to the requests.

The Europe RMR will take place on October 4-9. Fighting for eight tickets to the Major Benched Heroes will be against NAVI, ENCE, BIG, Vitality, Heroic, Outsiders, Falcons, MOUZ, Sangal, FANTASY, K23, Monte, OG, HEET and SAW.