innersh1ne: "ocelote caused financial and reputational damage to G2"

FaZe analyst Viacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin shared his opinion on the scandalous resignation of Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez's position as CEO of G2 on his Telegram channel. He believes that the decision of dismissal was made because of financial and reputational damage the organization suffered, and had nothing to do with cancel culture.

Britvin is positive that it was the scandal surrounding the head of G2 that led to the fact that the club was not invited to Valorant's franchise league. According to him, the profit from participating in Riot Games' series of competitions is guaranteed to exceed a seven-figure sum in dollars, while the slot could have been given to the team for free.

ocelote's resignation as CEO of G2 is not, unlike in many cases, a manifestation of cancel culture. Such a scenario was to be expected since Carlos with his actions caused financial and reputational damage to G2, his beloved brainchild. From what we know for sure, G2 are 99% left out of Valorant's franchise league (entry fee is $0, guaranteed profit with a seven-figure payment from Riot Games in 2023-2024). From what we do not know, it's problems with sponsors. Not a fun situation to be in, but it is what it is. G2 without ocelote is not G2.

Earlier today it was revealed that G2 fired ocelote as CEO after accepting his resignation. The organization's announcement emphasizes that the parting was the result of a recent incident, when during the celebration of G2's qualification for League of Legends' world championship, Rodriguez was spotted in the company of the scandalous Andrew Tate, who is known for his sexist and misogynistic statements.