FalleN donates earnings from ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022 for O PLANO's bootcamp ahead of RMR event

Imperial's in-game leader Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo has donated around $2.2K to the O PLANO roster, which needed funds to organize a bootcamp to prepare for the Americas RMR tournament. The eminent Brazilian esports athlete announced this on Twitter.

The main part of the donated amount was Toledo's earnings from taking part in ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022, where Imperial finished in second place and received $20,000 from the total prize pool. According to FalleN, his share of the winnings was around $1.9K.

The leader of Imperial added about $300 to the prize money from the Australian event, which he raised as part of a live stream on his Twitch channel. Initially on the stream, the Brazilian was raising money to help the ex-Gaimin Gladiators roster, but the Americans managed to find a new organization.

O PLANO have already gathered for bootcamp ahead of the Americas RMR. The team led by FalleN's former MIBR teammate Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe is training in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Soon, O PLANO will travel to Sweden, where from October 5 to 9 will compete for one of the six spots at IEM Rio Major 2022 up for the taking.

Origin: twitter.com