flamie on 1WIN's chances at RMR: "Chances are good, we're getting in shape, playing better now"

1WIN player Egor "flamie" Vasilyev, in an interview with the club's YouTube channel, shared his expectations for participation in the European RMR tournament, which will be held on October 4-9 in Malta. The Russian noted that his team is gradually improving its game and is able to make it to IEM Rio Major 2022.

Well, I guess we have pretty good chances. The problem is getting there. We need to solve this problem first. But the chances are good, we're getting in shape, playing better now and yeah, it will be LAN, so it's interesting to see how we will do on LAN. I know firsthand that on LANs things could change, for better or worse, so it's hard to guess. But it's awesome that we could even play on LAN. I would like to see each other in such conditions. LAN is so much different from online. Extra nerves and stress are cool. The main thing is to get to Malta first and then start our journey from there.

1WIN made it to the Europe RMR through the open qualifiers. The team found success in the last of four qualifying tournaments.

At the upcoming RMR event, 1WIN will face FaZe, Team Spirit, NIP, Cloud9, G2, Bad News Eagles, Sprout, Aurora, fnatic, B8, forZe, Eternal Fire, ECSTATIC, Astralis and GamerLegion; the eight best teams will receive tickets to the Major.

Origin: youtu.be