Significant difference in head hitboxes for agent models found in CS:GO

The author of the YouTube channel Ansimist found the difference between the head hitboxes of agents, depending on the faction. The difference in the volume of the most vulnerable spot of the player models adds up to an impressive for a competitive shooter 17%.

Empirically, the blogger found out that the SAS agents of the CT faction have the largest head hitboxes, while the Professionals of the T faction have the smallest ones. For these models, the difference in volume is 16.75%. The results of the study are published in the table via this link.

Ansimist demonstrated the criticality of the difference in hitboxes on his Twitter account. Shooting in the same place, the SAS agent takes damage, while the model of the Professionals remains unharmed.

Ansimist and other members of the CS:GO community have called on Valve to fix the hitbox difference that upsets the balance of the esports game. As of now, the company has yet to respond to the information published.