xertioN: I just wanna try to win everything with MOUZ. It's a big saying but I truly believe it's possible

MOUZ player Dorian "xertioN" Berman commented on his promotion from the academy team to the main squad of the German organization in an interview for the club's YouTube channel. The Israeli esports athlete believes that together with the new team he will be able to win big tournaments.

I just wanna be the best in my roles, I just wanna be the best teammate to my team, I just wanna try to win everything, basically. It's a big saying but I truly believe it's possible. I hope there is gonna be a big career ahead of me because I really like this game, I'm really passionate about it and yeah, I just hope it happens.

Having joined MOUZ's main roster, Berman reunited with former MOUZ NXT teammates Ádám "torzsi" Torzsás and Jon "JDC" de Castro. He believes that this will greatly facilitate adaptation.

It's not like a new place. When you join a tier 1 team, there is so much new stuff, right, and when you join a completely new team with people you don't know and people who are, for example, very experienced, then you really need to earn the trust and respect from them. I felt like when I joined here I already got it because they know me and that really helps me be comfortable in the team. They [torzsi and JDC] obviously improve but they stay the same people, or they stayed kind of similar in game, even though they upgraded their way of playing. It's really nice to play with them again because I already kind of know what they like to do.

The renewed MOUZ lineup will make its debut at ESL Pro League Season 16. From September 14 to 18, the team will compete in Group C also featuring Heroic, Astralis, ENCE, Complexity and HEET.

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