Gabe Follower: Valve starts testing CS:GO game mechanics on Source 2

The CS:GO development team was spotted testing game mechanics on maps for the version of the game running on the Source 2 engine, according to the author of the popular YouTube channel Gabe Follower.

At the same time, it became known that a person working on porting the shooter to the new engine is the one who previously took an active part in the development of locations for Half-Life: Alyx, a Source 2-based game.

Earlier, data miners learned that seven maps are being developed for CS:GO on Source 2. This list includes Shoots, Italy, Inferno, Lake, Overpass, Shortdust and Cobblestone.

In his video, Gabe Follower also said that he found indirect evidence that Valve plans to launch CS:GO on Source 2 hand in hand with the current version of the game. He learned that the developers were accessing the beta version in the public client to test the Game Coordinator for compatibility.

Earlier, well-known insider Tyler McVicker stated that after the porting of CS:GO to Source 2, the game will be divided into two versions, one of which will run on Source and the other on Source 2. He clarified that this is necessary to increase the beta testing period.