B1ad3: "We're in bad form in terms of the meta and tactics. We don't have a lot of new ideas"

NAVI coach Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy commented on the current form of his team in an interview with the club's YouTube channel. He noted that currently the Black-and-Yellow are playing on the basis of previous developments, as the squad did not have time to bootcamp and prepare new strategies.

Sasha had to sort out his documents so we didn't have the time for a bootcamp. We decided to get some practice in Denmark for 4 days with headtr1ck. We played some and brought him up to speed as best as we could. Did not having a bootcamp affect us negatively in any way? Yes. We're in bad form in terms of the meta and tactics. We don't have a lot of new ideas that we've practiced. We're using our old tactics and relying on communication. It leads to a lot of mistakes, other teams reading us and lacking teamplay.

I think I've said before that we're competing against FaZe and the previous season showed that we can dominate all the other teams. We know deep down that we can beat anyone like we've done already. I mean, we are confident we can do that, and it provides a huge morale boost. We need to play EPL first and then we'll try to practice new stuff.

The interview with Gorodenskiy was recorded after NAVI's successful start at ESL Pro League Season 16, where the team defeated Team Spirit in Group A. Today, September 1, at 17:00 MSK, Natus Vincere will face off against fnatic.

Origin: youtu.be