FACEIT admin caught selling ELO

Admin of the competitive platform FACEIT under the nickname luvsteRRRRRR has been caught fraudulently adding players' rating points (ELO), esports blogger Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov wrote on Twitter.

According to the information published, luvsteRRRRRR was able to manually add personal rating points on FACEIT and abused this for financial gain. OverDrive has provided two screenshots confirming an anomalous increase in ELO for two players who are said to have taken advantage of the services of the unscrupulous admin.

Half an hour later, Birukov posted another tweet saying that luvsteRRRRRR had been banned by FACEIT executives, while all the points added by the admin had been removed.

FACEIT is the leading competitive platform for CS:GO. In particular, it organizes leagues for professional and semi-professional players, which scouts of esports clubs use to search for talent.

Origin: twitter.com