Data miners: Cobblestone added to the list of maps that Valve is porting to Source 2

A group of data miners found out that Cobblestone was added to the list of maps that CS:GO developers are porting to the more modern Source 2 engine. The find was shared by Aquarius via his Twitter account, after which the information was confirmed by ‎Gabe Follower.

Through looking into the game's code, the data miners noticed that the developers had uploaded a map called de_cbble_s2. Earlier, the "s2" tag indicated Valve's work on porting such maps to Source 2 as Shoots, Italy, Inferno, Lake, Overpass and Shortdust.

The rumors of CS:GO moving to Source 2 first appeared in 2017. From then on, insiders and data miners who monitor Valve's activities have repeatedly found confirmation of the shooter being ported to a more modern engine.

Earlier, well-known insider Tyler McVicker said that once CS:GO is ported to Source 2, the game will be divided into two versions, one of which will run on Source, while the other on Source 2. He clarified that this is necessary to increase the beta testing period.