Gabe Follower: "Source 2 ain't happening this month. It might be smth big like an operation"

Well-known data miner and YouTube blogger Gabe Follower has shared information on a possible CS:GO Source 2 port on his Twitter account. According to him, Valve will not release such a major update this month but can do something big like a new operation.

Ok, because of today's bait I gotta give you some real info, right? Prepare yourself, cause it's a sad one. Source 2 ain't happening this month. Few days ago I got a confirmation that few new maps was officialy accepted. Still, it might be smth big like an operation. Mapmakers who got accepted are very careless, they just talking about it everywhere, even when it's strictly prohibited by Valve.

Earlier, data miners found out that Valve is working on porting six maps to Source 2: Shoots, Italy, Inferno, Lake, Overpass and Shortdust.

The first rumors about the porting of CS:GO to a new engine appeared in 2017. The game community learned all the information about this process from insiders and data miners, while Valve did not comment on its work.