FaZe and OG to take part in $10,000 exhibition tournament

SteelSeries will host an online exhibition tournament set to kick off on August 13. The competition for a total prize pool of $10,000 will feature FaZe, OG, Tricked and another yet-to-be-announced team.

The event will be held in the Single Elimination format with best-of-one semifinals and a best-of-three grand final. The seeding of the teams and the prize money distribution remain unknown.

For all SteelSeries Nova Invitational 2022 participants, this event will be the first one after the end of the summer break in the CS:GO professional scene.

The participants' list is as follows:

+1 direct invite

In January last year, SteelSeries organized a similar exhibition tournament for the teams it sponsors. Then, the final match, which was played out on Cache and Cobblestone, ended with a 2:0 victory of OG over FaZe.

Origin: twitter.com