SunPayus departs Movistar Riders

Movistar Riders have parted ways with Alvaro "SunPayus" Garcia, the organization has announced via its social media. There is, however, no information about whether the AWPer was moved to the bench or got rid of contractual obligations with the club.

SunPayus has been a part of Movistar Riders since August 2021. The team achieved its major success in the first half of this year after making the playoffs of ESL Pro League Season 15, winning ESL Challenger Valencia 2022 and finishing in 3-4th place at IEM Cologne 2022.

The Spaniards part ways with their star player amid rumors about his move to ENCE. According to, the Finnish organization considers Garcia as a replacement for the benched Olek "⁠hades⁠" Miskiewicz.

Movistar Riders have a few days to sign a new player, as on August 15, the team is set to play at the open qualifier for the upcoming European RMR tournament. Recent rumors suggest that Antonio "MartinezSa" Martinez Sánchez from VELOX will be brought in to fill the AWPing role.

 Movistar Riders' current lineup is:

 Alejandro "⁠mopoz⁠" Fernández-Quejo Cano
 Alejandro "⁠alex⁠" Masanet
 David "⁠dav1g⁠" Granado Bermudo
 Raúl "⁠DeathZz⁠" Jordán Nieto

 Galder "⁠bladE⁠" Barcena (coach)