HEN1 rounds out MIBR roster

MIBR have decided on the roster for the new competitive season. The Brazilian club has announced on social media that Marcelo "chelo" Cespedes, who left the squad earlier, will be replaced by Henrique "HEN1" Teles.

HEN1's previous team was GODSENT which he represented earlier this year. Together with the 27-year-old AWPer, the team failed to achieve any significant results.

Teles joined MIBR as a free agent. His contract with GODSENT was terminated shortly after the organization sold the lineup's core to 00NATION.

MIBR's newcomer will make his debut at the open qualifier for the upcoming Americas RMR tournament scheduled to kick off on August 15.

MIBR's current lineup is:

 Raphael "⁠exit⁠" Lacerda
 Matheus "⁠Tuurtle⁠" Anhaia
 Jhonatan "⁠JOTA⁠" Willian
 Breno "⁠brnz4n⁠" Poletto
 Henrique "⁠HEN1⁠" Teles

 Bruno "⁠BIT⁠" Fukuda Lima (coach)

Origin: twitter.com