FURIA to launch $1 million esports complex in Miami

Brazilian organization FURIA will spend a million dollars on launching an esports complex in the US city of Miami, the co-founder of the club André Akkari has said in an interview with Esports Insider.

The 480 m² venue will include a merchandise store, a LAN house and an area for watching matches featuring FURIA. The opening is scheduled for October-November 2022.

According to Akkari, the complex in Miami aims to improve the interaction with fans, who will be able to visit it for free and talk with esports athletes. The project is planned to be monetized through the income from the shop, the LAN house and events involving sponsors.

The head of FURIA noted that the organization is currently planning to open a similar venue in the Brazilian cities of São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, as well as in Europe. "Our objective is to have one of those (facilities) in each of the biggest cities in the world," Akkari added.

Origin: esportsinsider.com