Study: What are CS:GO's easiest and hardest positions on competitive maps? has published the results of its own study of the hardest and easiest positions on seven competitive maps in CS:GO. The analysis took into account matches between teams from the top 50 of the world ranking, which took place at LAN tournaments in 2022.

The authors studied the professional players' average ratings in all the main positions when playing on the CT side. Based on this, they have outlined the five best and five worst spots on the competitive maps. AWPers are listed separately in the rating since those playing this role are not tied to specific positions.

The median ratings of players in all positions (roles)

The article also named the best esports athletes playing various positions on each of the seven competitive maps. The statistics took into account only matches between teams from the top 18 of the world ranking, which were played out at this year's LAN tournaments.

The best CT side players in each position on all competitive maps: