k1ck part ways with Bulgarian roster five months after signing

k1ck have parted ways with their all-Bulgarian lineup, the Portuguese organization announced on social media.

The announcement does not specify whether the club intends to return with a new team in the future, or if the farewell to the players means leaving the professional CS:GO scene.

k1ck part ways with the Bulgarian esports athletes five months after the signing. During this time, the team, the most famous members of which were Viktor "v1c7oR" Dyankov and Teodor "SPELLAN" Nikolov, attended tier 3 events and did not manage to achieve significant results.

Based on v1c7oR's message on Twitter, after the departure from k1ck, all the players will continue to play together.

k1ck were:

 Viktor "⁠v1c7oR⁠" Dyankov
 Teodor "⁠SPELLAN⁠" Nikolov
 Kostadin "⁠rafftu⁠" Turbinov
 Slaven "⁠AwaykeN⁠" Lyubenov
 Victorio "⁠SAIKY⁠" Goranov

Origin: twitter.com